Outer sp. z. o. o sp.k

Strachowicka 77

Wrocław, 54-512 Poland

NIP: PL8982187983


Tel: 502 838 303


© 2023 by Daniel Kiełbasiewicz

Projekt został stworzony ze współpracą z właścicielami Gadebout


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Public Transport

Near Gadabout there is a bus stop MPK - 106. The line heads to the city center of Wrocław

Ticket prices:

- NORMAL ticket - 3.40 PLN (temporary 30 minutes - 3.00 PLN)

- Concession ticket - PLN 1.70 (temporary - PLN 1.50)

- People over 68 years of age can use public transport for free.


Scheme of Wrocław public transport:

Shops near us


ul. Żernicka 207, 54-510 Wrocław

Open pon-czw 6.30 - 22.00, pt-sob 6.30-23.00, nd Closed


ul. Objazdowa 88, 54-513 Wrocław

Open pon-sob 6.00 - 23.00, nd 9.00 - 21.00


Wroclaw airport

The airport was built in 1938 in Strachowice (formerly German Schöngarten) for the needs of the German army as Flughafen Breslau-Schöngarten, after the war it was taken over briefly by the Soviet Army. Since June 1945, it has also operated civil flights.

Jump Hall Park Trampolines
Jump Hall is the first trampoline park in Wrocław. On an area of ​​over 1500 m2 we have prepared for you 6 different trampoline zones, attractions for children and a bar; and soon we are opening rooms for parkour, streetwork and dancing on the head.